Can BOTOX® Help My TMJ Pain?

You most likely recognize the name “BOTOX” as a temporary cosmetic filler to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, the positive effects of BOTOX® are more than skin deep; while reducing wrinkles is just one application of the drug, BOTOX® can also help treat muscular conditions affecting the face – specifically TMJ disorders (or

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How Medicare Can Help Make Sleep Apnea Treatment More Accessible

Sleeping is how your body recharges and repairs itself, helping you face the following day with the energy you need. But for patients with sleep apnea, a serious condition where breathing stops and starts repeatedly throughout the night, sleep can be a dangerous time. Luckily, treatment does exist for sleep apnea sufferers, and Medicare may

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How to Tell if Your Injury is a Dental Emergency

You may not know that dental enamel is made up of calcium phosphate, and is the hardest material in our bodies. But if you experience an injury or trauma to the face or mouth, you may discover that dental enamel is incredibly strong – until it’s not. Tooth breaks, chips, and fractures do happen. As

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Sleep Apnea Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Recent research undertaken by the American Academy of Neurology points toward a connection between dementia and sleep disruption. While there is much research left to be done, the study, which will be presented later this year at the academy’s annual meeting in Philadephia, is another reminder of the importance of treating sleep apnea. Doctors Victoria

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Sleep Apnea: Exploring Causes and Treatments

Everyone deserves a peaceful and restful sleep. If you suffer with sleep apnea, treatment options exist! At Walnut Pond Dental in Annandale, NJ, our dental team specializes in effective treatments for sleep apnea, that will help you achieve quality sleep that leaves you refreshed and invigorated. If you or a loved one suffers from sleep

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Caring for Your New Implant-Supported Dentures

Congratulations! You have just received your new implant supported dentures. Good oral hygiene habits are critical to maintaining your new investment. Today, our Annandale, NJ dental practice shares ways to keep your implant-supported dentures in tip-top shape. Just Like Natural Teeth In the same way that natural teeth that require daily brushing and flossing, your

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Five Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

You are certain that you slept a good eight hours, but you awaken only to find that you have a terrible headache. You are also feeling lethargic and quite irritable. Perhaps sleep apnea may be to blame for your constant inability to function or feel rested. Today, our team at Walnut Pond Dentistry explores 5

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Five Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

You have seen pictures, you have asked around, and you have done your Internet research. You now have a sincere interest in implant-supported dentures. Unlike conventional prostheses, implant-supported restorations rest atop dental implants rather than the gum tissue. Today, our dental team at Walnut Pond Dentistry in Annandale, NJ explores 5 common benefits of this

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Cost of Dental Implants: How can you pay for implants?

Dental implants are a safe and increasingly popular solution for replacing damaged or missing teeth. If you are interested in undergoing the dental implant procedure, call our Clinton, NJ dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Victoria Uryniak or Dr. Carson Ferris-Zeolla. The sooner we can help you find the right dental prosthesis, the

Benefits of Dental Implants Over Other Teeth Replacement Options

Before the development of dental implants, dentists only had a few options for replacing missing teeth. Tooth-supported fixed bridges permanently attach artificial teeth to healthy adjacent teeth. Resin-bonded teeth similarly attach to the neighboring teeth through use of a strong adhesive. Removable partial dentures are supported by the gums and underlying bone ridge, and replace

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