What’s causing your toothache?

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Tooth pain can sometimes pop up out of nowhere. Maybe you were halfway through lunch when you bit down and felt shooting pain, or maybe a dull ache has been lingering for a couple days or weeks. When a tooth starts hurting, it’s normal to wonder what’s behind the pain. Don’t postpone a dental visit

Patients’ Top Questions About Dental Anesthesia

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Dental anxiety and discomfort are more common than most people realize. They are also a bigger problem than you might expect. If a simple routine visit to the dentist causes you to worry, panic, fret, or lose sleep, then this causes stress that can detract from your mental well-being. Such stress can make it hard

How Root Canal Therapy Can Prevent an Extraction

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When a tooth is damaged, sometimes it can easily be repaired with a dental filling or a crown. However, if the damage or decay is extensive, it could cause an infection in the pulp of the tooth. In cases such as this, there are two primary options: root canal therapy or tooth removal. At Walnut

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