Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth and Restore Your Health with Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth, your overall quality of life suffers. In addition to the gaps left behind in your smile, missing teeth can significantly affect your function and health. Patients in the Annandale, NJ area can have their dental implants restored with custom crowns, bridges, or dentures at Walnut Pond Dental. Drs. Victoria Uryniak and Carson Ferris-Zeolla have years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and can help you achieve the beautiful smile you desire.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are now widely considered the most optimal teeth replacement option available. While a custom restoration replaces the crown of a missing tooth, a dental implant replaces the natural tooth root. Crafted from surgical-grade titanium, a dental implant is a threaded post that is strategically placed into the jawbone. The implant stimulates the nerves in the jaw, and actively preserves the bone, preventing jawbone recession that is a common byproduct of tooth loss. Dental implants are incredibly long-lasting, and boast the highest success rate of any teeth replacement alternative.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order for implants to be successful, patients should be free of extensive tooth decay and periodontal disease. If serious issues such as these are present, they should be addressed first. Otherwise, bacteria-causing infection could compromise the long-term success of the implants.

Patients who smoke should seriously consider quitting a few weeks before the implant surgery. Smoking is not only a primary risk factor for the development of periodontal disease, it also impedes healing and can lead to post-operative complications, including implant failure.

To determine your candidacy for dental implants, our doctors can perform a full assessment during your initial consultation. Scans and x-rays will be taken to evaluate the condition of the underlying jawbone. Implants must be placed into healthy, dense bone for optimal stability and success.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Whether you need to replace one missing tooth or an entire arch, the results can be incredible when you choose dental implants. When compared to their traditional counterparts, dental implants offer:

  • Optimal Aesthetics: The high-quality materials used in the fabrication of crowns, bridges, and dentures today create a lifelike, natural appearance.
  • Function: Dental implants can restore your bite back to its original function, so you can eat, chew, and speak with confidence.
  • Comfort: Once healed, a dental implant can be cared for just like a natural tooth. Because implants become a part of the body, many patients forget they even have them.
  • Improved Oral Health: As aforementioned, dental implants retain the natural jawbone structure. When you choose dental implants, you are improving and investing in your overall oral health.

Dental Implant Surgery

At Walnut Pond, we refer our patients to a trusted surgeon for the placement of your dental implant. Although implant placement can be performed under local anesthesia alone, many patients also choose oral or IV sedation to help them relax during treatment. You will have a consultation with the implant specialist who can help you determine which sedation option is right for you. The implant surgical procedure includes:

  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the gum tissue and ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.
  • Incisions: The surgeon will create a small opening in the gum to access the jawbone.
  • Placement: Using a series of special dental instruments, the surgeon will carefully and strategically place the implant into the jawbone.
  • Stitches: Once the implant is placed, sutures will be placed to close the incision and protect the surgical area.

Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

After your dental implant is placed, it must go through a process known as osseointegration before you can have your final restoration connected. During this process, the jawbone fuses with the implant. This fusion is necessary for proper function and strength. Osseointegration typically takes between four to six months. Because each patient is unique, healing times can vary. Once the implant specialist determines your healing process is complete, he or she will refer you back to our office for the placement of your final restoration.

Schedule a Consultation to Find Out More

If you are missing teeth and would like to explore teeth replacement options, dental implants may be the solution for you. To schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, you can contact us online or call our office at (908) 200-7007.

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