Have you ever purchased whitening treatments from the store and been disappointed with your results? Join the club! Some store-bought products produce great results, but the problem is that they aren’t always consistent or effective. To get predictable results, you really have to use professional quality treatments. They may cost a bit more, but they actually deliver results you can count on. Some treatments can even whiten your teeth several shades in just one day.

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How Whiteners Work

All teeth whiteners use the same active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide. This chemical uses the power of oxygen to break down pigment residues that have been left in the matrix structure of your tooth enamel. These pigments come from the colorful foods and beverages you eat every day. Tomato sauce, red wine, blueberries—any food that can stain white clothing can also leave stains on your teeth. Over time, all those barely-noticeable stains add up to a general yellowing or greying effect that makes your smile look dull.

Hydrogen peroxide pulls oxygen into your enamel to break down extrinsic stains and restore your teeth to their natural brightness. Whiteners typically can’t help you with intrinsic stains that may have been caused by fluoride exposure, specific antibiotics, or injury (however some dentist-provided products may be able to).

If all whiteners use hydrogen peroxide gel, then you might think they are all the same. That’s a bit like saying all shampoos are of the same quality or all skin moisturizers are the same, however. We all know that isn’t true.

Why Store-Bought Products Aren’t Consistent

There are two reasons why store-bought products don’t give consistent results: quality of ingredients and delivery methods. The concentration of peroxide is lower in DIY products, as compared to dentist-provided treatments. We are permitted to provide higher concentrations of peroxide (“prescription strength”) since the use of our products is monitored for safety. We also make sure that our products are kept in optimal conditions to maintain their chemical integrity. The peroxide in store-bought strips may be greatly reduced in its efficacy if it sits on a shelf for many months or takes a long trip in a hot cargo truck.

Dentist-provided treatments offer more efficient methods of applying the peroxide gel to your teeth. We use customized trays instead of one-size-fits-all strips or trays. With trays that fit your teeth properly, the gel stays in place better and does not become diluted by saliva. This helps the product work better and whiten the teeth faster. They also prevent the gel from coming into contact with the gums, which can cause a burning sensation.

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Would you like to learn about your options for teeth whitening, Clinton NJ? Contact Dr. Victoria Uryniak or Dr. Carson Ferris-Zeolla today. We offer treatments that can be completed in the privacy of your home or in the convenience of our office. Call us today at (908) 200-7007 to make an appointment.