You may not know that dental enamel is made up of calcium phosphate, and is the hardest material in our bodies. But if you experience an injury or trauma to the face or mouth, you may discover that dental enamel is incredibly strong – until it’s not. Tooth breaks, chips, and fractures do happen. As unprepared as you may be for a dental emergency, our team at Quality Dentistry at Walnut Pond is prepared. We offer walk-in dentist services for our patients experiencing dental emergencies. So how do you know if you are experiencing a true dental emergency? Read on to discover the signs that show you may need immediate care.

Dr. Carson-Ferris Zeolla and Dr. Victoria Uryniak offer comprehensive dentistry services for your entire family—including emergency care. We’re proud to serve the greater Clinton, NJ, area, and are passionate about helping patients recover quickly from stressful and emotional dental emergencies. Contact us if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, at 908.200.7007.

Signs of a Dental Emergency

If you experience a minor crack in the enamel, or a chipped tooth that presents with minimal discomfort, an emergency procedure is not typically needed. You should still contact us when the damage occurs so that we can restore your tooth at our next available opening.

Like most medical emergencies, pain is often what patients notice first when an injury turns into a dental emergency. If you are suffering from severe tooth or gum pain, do not put off a visit to a dentist: you are most likely experiencing a dental emergency. Occasionally, however, dental emergencies may not feel painful right away.

Other signs and symptoms of dental emergencies include:

  • A Loose tooth
  • Knocked-out, or avulsed, tooth
  • Bleeding, lacerated gums
  • A severely broken tooth
  • Persistent swelling in the gums or mouth

What to Do When an Emergency Occurs

As soon as you realize you have experienced a dental emergency, contact our practice to alert us that you need walk-in dentist care. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible in order to repair your mouth and help you start recovering as soon as possible.

Before you arrive, there are steps you can take to stabilize your teeth and gums:

  • First, rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • If your mouth is actively bleeding, put pressure on the injured area with a piece of gauze for about 10 minutes. Continue placing pressure with a gauze (or tea bag) until bleeding stops or you arrive at our practice.
  • If your cheeks or face is beginning to swell, apply ice packs to the affected area. This not only helps to reduce swelling, but also numbs pain.
  • Any over-the-counter pain reliever is okay to take to help quickly treat severe pain. Follow all dosage instructions on the box, and be sure to alert your dentist as to what medications you took before your arrival for your walk-in appointment.

Contact Your Clinton, NJ, Walk-In Dentist

For emergency care, look no further than Dr. Carson-Ferris Zeolla and Dr. Victoria Uryniak at Quality Dentistry at Walnut Pond. Our team is experienced in offering compassionate, quick care for patients experiencing pain and stress after a dental emergency. Contact us today if you need fast, dependable dental care in the greater Clinton area.