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Imagine this scenario: You have just undergone a comprehensive dental examination. Your dentist has recommended an intricate treatment plan based on your unique needs. Now it’s time to determine cost. To do this, the financial coordinator calls a dental insurance agent ­– someone who has never met you and who was not present for the evaluation. Rather than follow through with the recommended plan from your doctor, the insurance agent gives the dental team member a prefabricated list of fees. In some cases, the agent will even dictate how your treatment should be rendered. Most individuals would agree this type of canned treatment is not in the best interest of the patient. Yet, this is how a number of dental practices today operate. If you want superior care and freedom from insurance companies, visit our dentist in Clinton, NJ.

At Walnut Pond Dental, we believe in providing high-quality dentistry that is appropriate for your specific and unique dental needs. Today, we will discuss fee for service dentists vs insurance-based practices, so you can be well-informed in the differences between the two.

About Insurance-Based Practices

Dental insurance isn’t all bad. It can be incredibly helpful in certain instances. But let’s face it: Insurance companies have one primary goal – to make money. In most cases, insurance providers supply practices with a list of predetermined fees. Therefore, they dictate how much a doctor can charge per procedure. They will then agree to pay a set percentage of that fee. In addition to dictating what the doctor can and cannot do, insurance companies also determine which providers the patient can and cannot choose.

Unfortunately, dental insurance is quite different from health insurance. While a decent health insurance plan may cover a substantial portion of treatment, a dental plan typically leaves patients with significant out-of-pocket costs. Dental insurance used to be a valuable asset for patients. However, throughout the years, these companies have imposed more and more stipulations. Unfortunately, these conditions typically do not serve the best interests of the doctors or their patients.

About Fee for Service Practices

One of the most significant advantages of a fee for service practice is that patients can choose which dentist they would like to see. They are not restricted to a certain list of providers. Additionally, fee for service dentists are able to offer personalized care based on their patients’ unique needs. Therefore, if you require a small procedure, you will pay a fee that reflects the labor required – no more and no less. Simply stated, fee for service dentistry offers appropriate treatment at a fair cost by a skilled and educated dentist. The bottom line reflects the time, skill, and materials used in providing that treatment. The result is superior dental care for a reasonable fee. In most cases, fee for service dentists expect payment in full at the time of services rendered. However, most of these practices also offer some form of a payment plan for the convenience of their patients.

I Have Dental Insurance. Can I Still See a Fee for Service Dentist?

Absolutely. A common misconception about fee for service dentists is that they do not accept dental insurance. On the contrary, many accept provider benefits. Therefore, even if you have dental insurance, you can still see a fee for service dentist to avoid absorbing the entire cost of your treatment plan.

Financing Options at Walnut Pond

Walnut Pond is a fee for service dental practice. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. However, we offer financing options through CareCredit® for our patients’ convenience. We also accept most forms of dental insurance, and our financial team will be happy to file all required paperwork on your behalf. Together, we will find a payment plan to suit your needs and budget.

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At Walnut Pond Dental, our team understands that finances are a significant factor when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider. We never want the cost of treatment to deter you from receiving the quality dental care you deserve. Part of our mission is to help our patients achieve optimal oral health, and we believe fee for service dentistry is one of the ways we can deliver that promise.

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