Does one of your teeth ache a little every now and then? Perhaps you have a serious tooth pain in one or more teeth, or along a portion of your jaw? Whether your pain is subtle or strong, you deserve to receive a proper diagnosis.

After reading through the common causes of tooth pain listed below, call our Clinton, NJ office to schedule a prompt appointment with Dr. Victoria Uryniak and Dr. Carson Ferris-Zeolla. The faster we can find out why you have tooth pain, the faster we can help you get rid of your discomfort in a modern, welcoming environment.

Untreated Cavities

Although tooth decay does not always lead to toothache, it can. This is especially true if you have a cavity that is deep in the tooth pulp. The same is true if you had a filling that fell out, exposing an old cavity to new decay. If your tooth is not severely decayed, a dentist can typically avoid any kind of extraction. Most cavities that cause tooth pain are cleaned and then sealed with an amalgam or tooth-colored ceramic filling. The tooth may also be restored with a customized dental crown to improve stability and strength.

Gum Recession

Receding gums are a common occurrence in many patients predisposed to the condition, and may accompany untreated gum disease. The gums are supposed to protect the tooth root and adjoining bone. When they pull away from the teeth and bone, they can leave patients at risk for heightened tooth sensitivity. In some cases, the sensitivity can lead to chronic or occasional tooth pain. Patients with pain related to gum recession can get relief from laser gum treatments.

Tooth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth when you sleep? How about when you feel stress? Tooth grinding puts pressure on the back molars, and can cause them to crack or break. If your tooth pain seems to be worse in the morning after you get up, you may grind your teeth and not realize it. A thorough analysis to determine malocclusion or unusual enamel wear can help your dentist determine which treatment is best-suited for your situation.


A tooth pain that is sharp and intense can mean you have an abscess, or infection, deep in your tooth. An abscessed tooth usually requires root canal therapy. During root canal therapy, the infected inside of the tooth and related nerve is removed. Afterwards, the tooth is sanitized and sealed. It may also be capped with a dental crown for functional and aesthetic purposes. With the infection gone, the tooth pain should also disappear.

Gum Disease

When gum disease has continued uncontrolled, it leads to damage to gums, teeth, and bone. The more advanced your gum disease, the higher the likelihood of you feeling some form of tooth pain at the site. Your dentist in Clinton, NJ, will help you understand how to get relief by maintaining a consistent regimen of periodontal cleanings.

Eliminating Tooth Pain in Clinton, NJ

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