You’ve probably seen advertisements for certain “Smile Clubs” that send you orthodontic aligners through the mail without going through a dentist. They cost significantly less than Invisalign, and claim to use the same process to make the aligners. While it may be tempting to take your orthodontic treatment into your own hands with direct-to-consumer aligners, there are several reasons why this is not a good idea. It’s always best to go through a dentist or orthodontist, Clinton NJ.

1. Not Everyone is a Candidate for Aligner Orthodontics.

A company selling a product may be willing to draw up a treatment plan and send you aligners, but if your alignment issues have not been diagnosed and assessed in person by a doctor, you may not be happy with your results.

2. It Takes More than a Dental Impression to Diagnose and Treat Alignment Problems.

Your orthodontist or dentist needs to see your underlying bone structure to determine the safe movement of your teeth. This can’t be done with just an impression. We need to look at x-rays and assess your bite to determine whether you should start aligners. If you don’t believe us, Google image search “root dehiscence” to see what ill-advised ortho can lead to. (Actually, don’t. It’s scary!)

3. You Need an Oral Health Exam Before Starting Treatment.

When teeth are covered by clear acrylic aligners 22 hours out of the day, they are deprived of contact with saliva. This natural rinsing agent clears away food and neutralizes bacterial acids to protect your tooth enamel. If you have undiagnosed enamel demineralization, gum health issues, or small not-yet-visible cavities–wearing aligners can lead to rapidly advancing decay. When you see a dentist or orthodontist, Clinton NJ, we use our understanding of oral heath and our advanced tools to make sure your teeth are healthy enough for orthodontics.

4. Customer Service Reps Can’t Do What a Doctor Does.

If you read online reviews, you’ll see that there are many customers of these “Smile Clubs” that have had bad experiences, due to improper movement of the teeth. They notice their teeth are moving the wrong way, their overbite is getting worse, or they are developing new gaps between their teeth. Many give up on their treatment because they can’t get a mid-course correction, and are tired of being transferred to various customer services reps who can’t help them. When you go through a doctor or orthodontist, we will see you regularly to check your progress and can make corrections to your treatment plan at any time. It doesn’t cost you extra, and the corrections are made promptly.

5. Read the Reviews.

Ultimately, one of the main reasons we advise against using direct-to-consumer clear aligners is because of the horror stories from unhappy customers on third-party review sites. Some tell a tale of aligners that didn’t fit properly; replacements were promised, but didn’t arrive. If you read sites like Yelp! and HighYa, you’ll see a number of unsatisfied customers who wind up having to go to a dentist anyway, to fix the damage that was caused by their aligners.  It’s just not worth the risk you could cause to your oral health or the money you might waste on aligners that don’t work.

The Invisalign system has 5 million happy customers under its belt already. The system works, and the doctor plays a critical in achieving a predictable and effective result.

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